ATTENTION: important change when sending emails to your customers!

Google has introduced an email authentication requirement when sending messages to Gmail accounts from March 2024.
Yahoo! also has similar requirements.

It will therefore happen that emails to your customers will no longer be delivered.

And the bad thing is: you may not even notice that the emails are not being delivered to the customers!

Are you prepared for these requirements? Here are the key points you should know

The following requirements apply to all senders:

– Email authentication: This technology is designed to prevent attackers from sending emails that appear to come from your company. Companies that send messages to Gmail or Yahoo! accounts must implement SPF or DKIM authentication methods.

Does everything sound complicated? Do you have no idea how to implement this technically or do you not want to make complex and time-consuming changes to your system yourself?

Well-known agencies charge several hundred dollars for this. But we have a cost-effective and quick solution for you!

The following two freelancers do exactly this task in a short time at an incredibly good price:


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PS: Why am I presenting these offers to you? I am an internet marketer myself and receive a small commission for providing the service (from FIVERR and not from you – this does not increase the price for you!)

If you do not use the service, you will at least have found out about this change at this point and can react accordingly. Take a look at the offers!

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